Hilary McLean

Self-Love Lab is run by me, Hilary McLean. I am an artist and art educator living in Southern California. I have a masters in Art Education, and am a certified Expressive Arts Practitioner. 

A History

I majored in art in college, a mix of both painting and sculpture. I struggled with a conflict. Some professors urged me to make art that was meaningful in the context of contemporary art. Others empowered me to make art using ideas and processes that were deeply satisfying to me, but were looked down upon in the larger art world. I've always struggled with this, finding contemporary, conceptual art to be meaningful and inspiring to look at, but not to make because it has to be about bigger ideas about society, and not just my own little life. 

After taking a long break from artmaking altogether, I found myself drawn to more intuitive, spiritual, and therapeutic approaches to art. I've sought ways to bring a more contemporary look and feel to art that might be considered outsider or visionary because of its therapeutic and spiritual content. 

In 2012, I trained in Expressive Arts, and used that training in my capstone project for my masters in art education. It is challenging to use expressive arts principles in a public high school art room, but I try anyway.